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Parents Visit Italy

Parents Visit Italy

Once my Study Aboard Program was over my parents came for a week and I showed them around Italy! I was so fun because by the end of my trip I knew my way around Florence and the best places to show them. It was a lot of fun.

My parent's first day in Florence was my last day at FUA and I had to move out of my apartment. Let me tell you lugging 8 weeks worth of luggage through the cobblestone roads, tourists, and by yourself is very hard. I was dripping sweat by the time I got to the hotel where we were staying. Once my parents did arrive I took them around the most iconic landmarks of the city. For example, the Duomo and Ponte Vecchio. Then, we got dinner at this place called La Gatto and we all got pasta dishes. Classic first Italian meal. We woke up very early the next day to be the first ones in line to see David. 

After see David we walked over the Ponte Vecchio to go to this amazing pizzeria called Gusta Pizza, they will create them into hearts and it's super cheap. We went through the Boboli Gardens at the Pitti Palace which is beautiful. My favorite part was walking all the way up to see that small rose garden with the view of the mountains. We went to Moyo for apverito which is almost equivalent to happy hour but you go and pay for a cocktail and they serve finger food/appetizers for free. The Italians usually go to this before having dinner but that day we decided that was all we wanted. 


The third day, we went on a tour of Cinque Terre and went to 4 out of 5 towns. Started in Manarola, we had a cappuccino and walked though the town to find the sea. Then we moved to the next town Riomaggiore. Where we walked around again, shopped and went out on big rocks. From there we traveled to Monterosso al Mare, the only beach in Cinque Terre, and we got lunch seaside. Then we finished the tour at Vernazza but there wasn't much to do so we went in a church and walked up and down the town. But, it was so cool to see the colorful houses on the cliff. 


The next day we went on another tour but it was a Chianti Wine tour which was very cool. We first went to a small, local vineyard which was cute and little but I felt like we didn't have enough time there. We only tired two different types of wine and the women didn't explain each one enough. Then we went to a tiny town called Greven in Chianti and we went to a local market that was going on. We moved on to a big corporation vineyard that sells to the U.S. We tired their Prosecco and two reds. They were all so good. I got a bottle of Processo to open on my 21st!


We headed out to Venice but our train was delayed 20 minutes then we had to switch trains to finally get there. We got pizza, saw the main shopping square, walked along the water and took a gondola ride. It was was a fun day, but it was so hot! (If you noticed I changed my shirt because I knew I wouldn't last in that button-down) We were only there for a day but there isn't much to do there if I'm being honest. I wish I was able to see the night life it seems like it would be fun to walk around the streets and take a night boat ride.


We hiked up to the top of the Duomo and the view was amazing! A tip is to buy your tickets in advance if you want to go on a certain day because tickets sell out fast. We also went through the Museum of the Duomo which shows the process of making it and the history. We also went up the Bell Tower which gives you that view of the Duomo!  Then that night we picked up some wine, cheese and crackers to have a snack for the sunset at the Michelangelo. Its one of my favorite spots in Florence! Definitely stay up there until its really dark to see all the Duomo lit up!


I'm going to put the video I created about my whole trip then I'm done posting about my study aboard. 

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Study Aboard Video Diary

Study Aboard Video Diary