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Saturday we headed to Rome for the weekend!! Of course we started our day very early and got into the city by 8:30 in the morning. The first thing we wanted to do was find our hostel. The GPS said we have arrived but we were standing in front of a dry cleaner's shop. But then a guy came out said that this was the hostel, if was very strange the actually rooms were in the apartment building right next to it. The guy was really nice, he checked us in and showed us a map of all the places we should go and what bus line to take. He set us up for the day and told us some tips about the city. 

Our first stop was Vatican City. We knew we were going to be standing in line for a long time because we didn’t buy tickets in advance. We found the bus and got to the Vatican pretty early. We were walking around trying to find the line and this guy came up to us and was talking about buying tickets with him and being able to skip the line and get a tour of everything. Since, the tickets were sold out online and we didn’t want to stand in line for 2 hours we took the deal!! We ended up waiting a long time but it was definitely shorter than us waiting in the other line. We went to the Vatican museum, Saint Peter’s square, Basilica and Sistine Chapel. It was really cool but there were so many people it was hard to appreciate it. Everyone was trying to stay with there tour group and we didn’t have a lot time in each section. 

We didn’t do too much after because once we got out of the tour it was 2:30pm. We got lunch and went to go see the Colosseum and the sun came out so it ended up being a nice day. On our way to the Colosseum we found the Capitoline Hill, it was huge but beautiful! We found the Colosseum and admired it from the outside because the next day it’s free for everyone. The first Sunday of every month some museums and landmarks are free for admission. 


On Sunday, we got up super early to get in line for the Colosseum because it opened at 8:30am and we wanted to get in line before it got long. We got there at 7:30am and it was the perfect amount of time. We waited an hour for it to open and we got in right away. We spent about an hour inside and I’m so glad we didn’t pay 12 euros because it was a lot smaller than I expected. So we went up to the top, walked around it, took pictures and left. It’s really cool but there isn’t much to see. 

We had the whole day in front of us because we were finished with the Colosseum so fast. Jordan planned out this route for us to see all of the big landmarks. We walked over to the Piazza Navona where the fountain of the four rivers is. Then, we went to the Sant’ Eustachio which was a church but we couldn’t go inside because there was a mass going on. Then, we went to the Trevi Fountation which was my favorite. It was so pretty and much bigger than I expected. Then, we walked to the Spanish steps, Piazza Del Popolo, and the Terrazza del Pincio which felt like the top of the city. It reminded me of the Piazza Michealangelo in Florence. We had a lot time until our train that left at 5pm so, we got a couple of drinks and hung out. I enjoyed Rome a lot, I would recommend it to anyone going to Italy. It’s definitely bigger than Florence!!

Hope you Enjoyed