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We got up super early to catch a flight at 6:15am. We took an uber to the airport and got our stuff checked in. The flight was super fast and we got into Barcelona with ease, much easier than trying to get to Paris. We couldn’t check into our hostel until 2pm but they had lockers that we could put our stuff in so we were able to explore. P.s the hostel was the St. Christopher Hostel and it was amazing, super clean! We didn’t know that it was Sant Jordi’s Day, which someone told us that it’s like Valentine’s Day. Jordi’s day is Barcelona’s most romantic day of the year. St. Jordi’s is a day of Roses, Romance and Books. For us, the day consisted of shopping for souvenirs and finding cool buildings. We went to Sagrada Familia, Pedrera and Batlló. They were all really cool but every building’s admission was sold out, so we couldn’t go inside of any of them. But the architecture was unreal much different than I have ever seen. 

We went down to the bar that was attached to our hostel and watched the Madrid vs. Barcelona soccer game. Barcelona won by the way!! The bar was crazy busy but once everyone cleared out we decided to stay and get food. We first met this guy from Egypt but he lives in Germany then Jordan wanted to take tequila shots so we did hehe! Then we met these two guys that were from New York that worked for American Airlines. They are able to travel a lot so all night we talked about the different places we have been too. We also became friends with the bartender his name was Alex. He took a jäger shot with us. 



Our Barcelona trip was super short and today was our one and only full day in the city. We started the day going to the Park Güell, everything was going fine we found the subway line, found how to get to the top and we got to the ticket counter and the tickets were sold out!! It was only 11am how were they already sold out?! We just wanted to have our Cheetah Girl moment!! It goes to show how much we planned for this trip. We definitely should have bought our tickets online. But we were able to walk around the park but we couldn’t go where the mosaic benches were L. We hiked up the hill to see a better view than if we were in the little sitting area, we got higher up to see the whole city. 


After walking around the park we went to the museum of illusions. It was a whole room of different paintings that you can interact with. You stand in front of or act with to pretend you were in that scene. There were some very creative paintings. After that we shopped a little then took a nap before dinner. 

For dinner, I had seafood paella and a huge glass of sangria!! OMG It was the best dinner I have ever had! I had to buy paella for 2 people because they don’t do it for just one person because usually you get paella to share. But, it was delicious totally worth every euro!! 

Once we got back we had to pack up for another travel day to go back to Florence! I loved traveling to different countries, it was an amazing experience but I was so exhausted and I couldn’t wait to get back and just sleep for the whole day! 


Stay tuned for the Rome post!!

Hope you Enjoyed