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The Amalfi Coast Weekend

The Amalfi Coast Weekend

I don’t know where to start with this trip! We booked this weekend trip through Smart Trip and it was a down hill experience from the beginning! The only good part of the trip was that it was beautiful everywhere you turn! I recommend going but I don't recommend going through Smart Trip!

Thursday 4/6/17:

Our bus ride was only suppose to be 5 hours long but it ended up being 10 hours!!! The whole coast is on a cliff so the turns were very, very tight and we were in a huge coach bus, so there was a lot of point turns. I was scared for my life because we would go all the way to the edge of the cliff then back up to make the turn. We finally made it up and down the cliff and the bus driver stops and gets off of the bus to ask someone for directions!! I forgot to mention that is was well past 3 in the morning and we GPS it to see how far away we were...guess how long...we were an hour away from the hostel! So, now the bus driver is feeling the pressure and starts driving very fast along the cliff with it being pitch dark out! I kissed the ground once we finally got to our destination. It was the craziest bus ride I have ever been on. We didn’t get to the hostel until 5 in the morning. I would like to add that our day on Friday was starting at 6:30am, so weren’t able to sleep before starting the next day. We were all zombies on Friday!

Friday 4/7/17:

Even though I was exhausted this was my favorite day! We took the ferry to Capri and had a little bus tour of the town then we had free time to do whatever we wanted! We shopped around and explored the city! I got these sandals hand made right in front of me, it was so cool! She did it so fast and even sized my foot and everything. I believe the Amalfi Coast is the only place that makes sandals right there on the spot. After that we had lunch right on the water and it was the best meal I have ever had here aboard! We all got Limoncello spritz because limoncello is the thing to get in Capri and then I got tubttoni alle cozze. Which was pasta with mussels and tomatoes.

We went on a boat ride around the whole island and we able to go in the blue grotto, which was this little cave where the water glowed this bright blue. It was amazing! We had to get on these little rowboats to be able to see it! We were able to bring on alcohol on the boat so needless to say the people in our group were feeling themselves. One guy had few to many shots of Limoncello and got so drunk! He told me that he felt more sober in the water and pretty much fell off the boat. Then, we were heading back and this guy stands up and was ready to jump off the boat when it was still moving! We were also so close to the rocks so Jordan and I were holding him back from jumping! PSA: Know your limit when drinking near water because you could get seriously hurt! Long story short he ended up leaving in an ambulance and he probably got his stomach pumped. Once we got back to the hostel we past out because we were all up for about 36 hours straight!

Saturday 4/8/17:

Today, we went to Positano and this was our free day! We shopped around and relaxed on the beach! It was breathtaking there were cute yellow and orange umbrellas you could rent for the day. The buildings on the cliff were all so colorful and we could see them right from the beach! This day wasn’t very exciting but it was nice to have a day to do nothing and relax from the couple days we were having. 


Sunday 4/9/17:

This day was the worst and I was so annoyed with the people on our trip! We started off our trip walking up Mount Vesuvius and our tour guide said it was an easy hike and it wouldn’t take us too long! I must be either really out of shape or our tour guide lied to us. That hike was so up hill I had to get take a few breaks because I got so winded! The view was amazing you could see everything the ocean just kept going and going! The volcano wasn’t that excited it was just a giant hole of rock!

Once we finally got down the volcano Jordan and I had to go to the bathroom but the problem was that there were only 2 stalls in the bathroom so there was a long line. Our tour guide didn’t tell us a time we were leaving all she said was that we had 2 hours here. So we thought we had enough time to pee and I thought they had to wait they couldn’t just leave us there! So, we were getting nervous that the 2 hours were up and they would leave us. Jordan stayed in line and I went to see if the group was still there…well they weren’t so I ran down the hill to where all of the buses were parked to try to find our bus. I couldn’t remember what it looked like so I started to just find a bus with people in it! I finally find the bus, everyone was on the bus and it started moving. The bus was getting out of the parking spot and they were probably going to leaving after. So one of the tour guides gets out and I told him what happened and he said well is it an emergency? We have to leave right now! So, I call Jordan and tell her to come down! She never peed and we had to walk onto the bus full of the whole group waiting for us. It was so embarrassing! I don’t understand why no one said anything to the guides like “Hey guys, two people are missing there are these two seats with stuff on them maybe we should wait! “ We got on the bus and we went to Pompeii. But, I wonder if we both stayed in line of the bathroom would they of leave us at Mt. Vesuvius? 

In Pompeii we didn’t have that much time there, we had lunch and tour of the old city! It was cool to see they lived back then! After that we got back onto to the bus and went back to Florence! We didn’t back until late! Class on Monday was rough.

The lesson I learned from this experience was that you can't pick the people that end up in your group, so you have to ignore the ones you don't like and find the ones that you do like. Don't let the annoying ones bug you or ruin something for you! Do what makes you happy and don't let anyone rain on your parade.

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Surrounded By Lilacs

Surrounded By Lilacs